Magstripe Encoder

ID Tech Solutions deals in Highly durable and long lasting Magstripe reader/writer(encoder) which encodes and reads ISO, AAMVA, User Custom, and Raw-Data card formats. It writes (encodes data), reads the data, and then verifies the encoding for up to three tracks in a single card swipe. It writes/reads both High-coercivity and Low-coercivity cards. It comes with a Windows software application that makes the reading and writing process quick, easy, and verifiable

Our magnetic stripe encoders are a durable designed Hi-Co. / Lo-Co. magnetic card reader & writer with a durability of one million swipes on magnetic head.

General Information:

  • Size: 8.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches (L X W X H)
  • Color: white/black/customized
  • Read speed of 5 to 55 inches per second
  • Write speed of 5 to 35 inches per second
  • Interfaces: RS232/USB
  • Meets all ISO/IEC 7811 standards for card data encoding
  • Read/Write High & Low Coercive (300~4000OE)
  • Hi or Low coercivity is easily configured by program software
  • Program software for Windows 98/2000/Me/XP/Vista/7(32&64 bit)
  • Reading/Writing Drivers Licenses
  • Reads and writes magnetic stripe media including cards, tickets,passbooks...
  • Writes any track combinations of 210 and/or 75 bpi data density
  • Can write characters at variable bit lengths
  • Operating life exceeds 1,000,000 card swipes
  • LED provides operational status

Features details

Brief Description: Magnetic card Reader Writer(encoder)


Connection/interface USB/RS232
Readable Cards ISO Standard, Track1/2/3
Standard >ISO 7810 / 7811~1-5,IBM/ANSI/DMV/AAMV
Speed of Pulling Card: <7~150 cm/s
Status Indicator: Triple Color LED
Magnetic Head Life: 1,000,000 swipes(both read and write)
Density of Recorder: Track 1: 210 BPI/75 BPI optional
Track 2: 75 BPI /210 BPI optional
Track 3: 210 BPI/75 BPI optional
Number of Characters Recording: Track 1: 76 characters
Track 2: 37 / 104 characters
Track 3: 104 characters
Software: Windows98/2000/NT/Me/xp/vista/7(32&64), Mac OS, Linux, Andriod
Weight: Loco writer: 0.8 kg
  Hico writer: 1.4kg(including power adaptor)
Operating Temperature: 0 ~40 Degrees Celsius
Operating Humidity: 20%~90%
Agency FCC ClassA, CE ClassA, UL Listed,ROHS